• pawns & loans

    We advance cash on items of value for short term loans. You pledge your items (jewelry, guns, coins, electronics) for a percentage of it’s value. The loan/pawn is due in 30 days. You repay the amount loaned plus the interest and retrieve you items.

  • selling your items

    We outright purchase your unwanted items, Avid precious metal, and estate jewelry.

  • jewelry repair

    Diamond Replacement
    Ring Sizing
    Soldering broken chain, rings, etc.
    Prongs Re-tipped
    Watch Battery Replacement
    Watch Link Removal

  • consignment

    You can leave your items for sale (on consignment) with us!

    Do you have jewelry, firearms or a nice guitar you no longer need? Leave it on consignment and get paid when it sells. Don’t waste time meeting strangers online. We are open six days per week and accept all major credit cards. Let us do the work for you.